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ROK Straps
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Sure you can find cheaper straps and bungees at "Wallymart', but Seriously!!!

These fully adjustable motorcycle stretch straps are about the best on the market.  The soft ends can't scratch up your paintwork.  More importantly these secure your Redverz 50L and 90L drybags like no other.  Where they work best is on rough and off roads, they flex enough with the suspension to keep your bags firmly attached. 2 per set, recommend grabbing 2 sets of these for travel.


These famous "flat cargo stretch straps", designed specifically for motorcycles, ATV's (Quads), and snowmobiles. Our flat cargo motorcycle straps are available in Adjustable  Lengths of 60"x1". Secure anything to a motorcycle without scratches with these flat cargo motorcycle straps -no hooks cargo straps!