The Solo Expedition Tent is sold out, I am considering the Atacama, what do I need to know? 

It is important to note that the Solo Tent weighs just slightly less than the Atacama and packs similarly. The sleep capacity of the Solo is distinctly for one camper and this is the main difference. It is a common misconception that the Solo Tent is half the size of the Atacama and this is not true. The Atacama Tent weighs 14.5 pounds and the Solo Tent is 12 pounds. The pack size is 21"x10" for the Atacama and 21"x7" for the Solo. The overall footprint of the Atacama is 16 feet end to end, the Solo is 12 feet. We like to call it a "slimmed down" version of the Atacama. Considering that the price difference is less than 100 bucks and the pack size and weight are similar, The Atacama is a great alternative to the sold out Solo. 

What are the differences between The Solo Expedition (Currently Sold Out) and Atacama Expedition Tents?  How do I know which tent is the best fit for me? 

As the name would imply, The Solo Expedition Tent is for a single camper and has a sleep capacity of one.  The Atacama sleeps from one to three campers and has a larger sleeping bay. 

The Atacama and Solo Tents have the exact same size garage with area-wide headroom, It is tall enough to stand in and park a fully loaded adventure or cruiser bike. 

The Atacama and Solo Tents are both spacious and comfortable with abundant storage for gear.

The garage functions equally well as a workshop for repairs or a lounge for dining or waiting out a storm.

The outer fly, floor, sleeping bay and ground sheet fabrics are of the same high quality ripstop nylon with 4000 and 10,000mm waterproofing across the board. 

What is the pack weight of each tent including pegs and poles?  The Solo has a minimum weight of 11 pounds 6 ounces and a pack weight of 12 pounds.  The Atacama has a minimum weight of 14 pounds and a packed weight of 14 pounds 6 ounces.

Could I squeeze two campers into the Solo?  No.

What tents is the awning kit compatible with?  The awning kit is compatible with The Atacama, Solo and older model Redverz motorcycle tents. It is not compatible with the Hawk II mountaineering tent. 

Which dry bag fits with which tent?  The 50-Liter dry bag fits with both the Solo and the Atacama tents with additional room for gear.

Do both tents have the bug resistant mesh in the J-Door Entry?  Yes.

How long is each tent, end to end?  The Atacama Expedition Tent has a total maximum length of 195 inches.  The Solo Expedition Tent has a total maximum length of 147 inches.  

Which sleep mats fit best in which tent?  The Atacama Expedition Tent can accommodate up to three standard pads or two Helinox Cots with or without leg extensions. The Solo fits the Cot Lite and Cot One with no leg extensions.  

Is the Solo Tent easier or harder to set up?  The set up of both tents is simple and quick.  With The Solo there are only two poles, which amounts to one less step than the Atacama.

Does the Solo have both a sleeping and garage ground sheet?  Yes

What accessories are interchangeable between tents?  The garage groundsheet, awning kit and 50 liter dry bag fits with both the Solo and Atacama tents.  Each tent has its own custom fit sleep area groundsheets, outer fly sheets and inner sleeping bays that are unique to each tent and not interchangeable.

What colors does the Solo Tent come in?  The Solo is currently OUT OF STOCK, but was previously only available in Green. 

Will you ever make a yellow Solo?  No.

How does the Solo perform in the wind?  Like all Redverz tents, the flexible hoop design and high quality components perform fantastically in windy conditions. 

Is there an exit or entry door in the sleeping area of the Solo?  Yes.

Is the Series II Tent still available and for sale? The Series II Expedition Tent is unavailable.

Are Atacama Expedition Tent components compatible with the Series II Tent components? Can the outer fly, ground sheet or inner tent be used interchangeably between the two different tents? No, tent components are not interchangeable.  The two different designs have distinct components that are a perfect fit only with its respective tent. 

Does The Atacama Expedition Tent offer a fitted ground sheet for the garage area?  Yes.  There is now a custom fitted ground sheet for the Atacama garage that covers the entire area.  It is intended for use beneath gear and sleepers.  It is not intended for use with the motorcycle in the bay as this will damage the material. Ground sheets fitted for the exact dimensions of the sleeping area are also available. The Atacama garage ground sheet will not fit in the Series II garagae, the size is not right and the clip ins are not compatible.  

Do ground sheets come standard with the tent? No, ground sheets are an optional, additional purchase.

Is the overall size of the Atacama larger or smaller than The Series II? The overall size of the erected Atacama Tent is 6 inches shorter in length, from sleeping bay to tip of large vestibule, than the Series II. 

What is the sleeping capacity? The Atacama comfortably sleeps up to three campers, lengthwise in the double-walled sleeping bay.  The garage can also be used as a minimalist shelter for an additional two campers (for a total of 5) with the use of a ground cloth beneath.


How does The Atacama sleep additional campers without increasing overall size? The additional sleeping space was gained by annexing the former small vestibule of the Series II tent into the sleeping bay, not by adding to the overall length of the tent. 

Can the Atacama accommodate sleeping cots? Yes, up to 2 cots can be used sleeping lengthwise.  Definitley measure your specific cot length against sleeping bay dimensions to ensure a proper fit. 

Is there a trade up program?  Redverz Gear does not offer a trade in or trade up program.

What is the pack size? The pack size of the Atacama and Series II tents are comparable.  21 inches long by 9 inches around.

What is the weight of the Atacama? More or less than Series II?  The packed weight of both tents is comparable with the Series II at 13 lbs 6 ounces and the Atacama at 14 pounds 6 ounces. 

Is the Atacama Tent available in any other colors than green or yellow? No, the tent will be available in green and yellow.

What type of bag does the Atacama tent come in? The Atacama Expedition Tent comes in a compression stuff sack.  The bag is not waterproof.  Redverz Gear offers waterproof dry bags. These bags are optional and the 50-Liter bag is a perfect fit to the tent.

What size dry bags do you offer? Redverz Gear offers 13-Liter Go Bags, as well as 50 and 90- Liter dry bags.  The 13-Liter bag is perfect for protecting valuables like passports, cameras, GPS and more.  50-Liter bags are designed specifically to fit and protect your tent investment.  90-Liter bags are spacious enough to hold tents and so much more.  

Does the tent have mosquito netting? Yes, the 2 doors to the inner tent and large vestibule door have B3' mosquito mesh.

I travel alone, is this tent good for one person? Many of our tent owners travel alone. The tent is designed for single person set up. Simply peg the sleeping bay end into the wind, slide 3 poles in, pull the tent back and peg the opposite end down.  The spacious tent affords comfort and protection for solo or multiple campers and their gear.

Can I use the inner tent without the outer? No, the inner tent derives its’ structure and form by clipping to the outer fly and cannot be used alone.

Can I use the outer fly of the tent without the inner tent? Yes, we designed the tent this way.  You only need the outer to set up. If you want to travel with just the outer and our optional ground sheet, it's a great weight saver and the tent packs smaller. That said, the inner tent with the mosquito net, floor and double wall construction is the most comfortable way to go. The Inner tent comes pre-hung to the outer, so the entire tent is up ready to go as soon as the tent is erected. 

Does more than one bike fit in the tent? One adventure bike with panniers or two dirt bikes will fit comfortably in the garage with the sleeping bay in use by campers. If you are using just the outer fly sheet without the inner tent you can configure the parking for an additional bike. Without the inner tent, the outer fly also makes a great shelter for Gold Wings, bicycles, canoes and up to 5 campers.  

Do you recommend removing the ground sheet each time you pack up the tent? This decision is entirely up to the camper.  If the ground cloth is especially wet or dirty you may want to remove and dry the cloth and pack separately to avoid transferring moisture and dirt to the tent. If the ground cloth is relatively dry and free of debris keep it clipped for hassle free set up at your next destination. 

Do you recommend removing the inner tent when you pack up the inner tent? We do not recommend removing and unclipping the inner tent after each use.  We do recommend occasionally removing the inner tent for a yearly cleaning and drying before long-term storage, or when simply using the outer fly sheet alone.

What do I do if I buckle in my ground sheet and it appears not to fit? The ground sheets for both the sleeping and garage areas are a perfect fit.  If the alignment comes up short, rotate the sheet 180 degrees for proper alignment.

What does the tent look like packed on a bike?  Check out our Youtube Video.

The Tent is tall, how well does it work in high winds? Incredibly well. The hoop design bends and flexes in the wind offering superior performance in tough conditions. Peg the corners and utilize up to eight guys ropes to secure your tent. If you are anticipating storm winds, face the lower, sleeping bay end of the tent into the wind and the garage away from it. If you tehd to wander out in the middle of the night remember that guy ropes can be an obstacle out there. This was our #1 question until we demonstrated putting the tent up in the wind. 

Do I need to seal the seams? All of Redverz Gear™ tents leave the factory seam sealed. There is no need to apply any seam sealant to a new tent. From time to time you may want to put a drop of seam sealant to the hanging loops if they experience wear. If after a few seasons of hard use you notice water coming through a seam we recommend spot sealing with Seam Grip. For care of your tent check out our Tent Care Page

What pegs come with the tent? We provide an aluminum, triangle, 7-inch peg kit with our tent. We recommend you supplement your peg bag with the tools you need for your specific trip, such as steel or titanium pegs for use in rock hard desert floors, in this situation aluminum will bend and break. For soft sand or very wet conditions we recommend sand pegs. 

Can I put the tent up over the motorcycle? Absolutely. As experienced travelers and riders, we know you've been doing this long enough and likely have your own way of doing things. If you are looking for direction, we've set the tent up in every possible scenario, but most of the time we pitch the tent with the inner already clipped in, open the doors and ride in. Fully loaded bikes are heavy, if we don't position the bike just right, it's easier to ride around and do it again.

Can an Adventure Motorcycle fit in the tent? We assume you mean a full size GS/KTM with boxes, oversize tank and tall screen perched on the center stand? The answer is yes. This is what the tent was designed for, an adventure bike, your cruiser, dirt bikes, sport bikes or even lounge chairs and card tables.  Use the incredibly spacious and versatile garage as you see fit. It will all fit like a dream.

What happens if the motorcycle falls in the tent? 

Pick it up!

This is an easy question to shirk.  We don't believe in shirking anything, as any seasoned rider will tell you the bike is going to tipple over at some stage. The golden rule is, when you park the bike inside the tent ALWAYS have the bike lean AWAY from the inner sleeping tent period.  Be aware of your surroundings, especially f you are not on stable ground and are putting the bike on the side stand. May we repeat? We've logged many miles testing this tent under variable conditions, when you park the bike inside the tent, and especially if you are not on stable ground and are putting the bike on the side stand, ALWAYS have the bike lean AWAY from the inner sleeping tent.

Guy Ropes - What is the best way to thread these? 

Thread guy lines like the red line NOT the yellow.



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