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The ATACAMA™ Expedition Tent 

Why Atacama? The revolutionary design offers more usable space, a separate garage and packs small. It’s considerably more tent for just 21 inches x 10 inches packed and on a motorcycle that's a big deal. Even a minimalist traveller rides with a helmet, boots, armored jacket and pants. This alone is a huge pile of gear to store, and if you’re riding two-up that's double the load. If you sleep in anything less than a 2-person tent that gear has got to stay outside in the elements, or it comes in leaving you with little room to stretch out and get truly comfortable. Stop compromising. The Atacama is so thoughtfully designed you can even stand up inside, and if you didn't already know, standing up inside a tent is life-changing. 

Stand Up Inside. Packs to 21" x 10" and Weighs 14 pounds. 


Ignore the gargantuan garage for a moment. We know, it’s so spacious. Let’s start with capacity. The tent sleeps 3 but is designed for all configurations of 1, 2 or 3 campers.



Real world - how big is the bedroom?

1 Up - Think twin bed XL with a bed side camp chair and your riding gear generously spread about the room.

2 Up - A queen size mattress with ample space either side for your gear and your own unique entry/exit door.

3 Up - Pack it all in. Plenty of room for three standard pads but personal gear, like stinky socks and boots will store out in the garage. Need even more capacity? Use the garage area for additional campers. Throw a custom fit garage ground sheet down and invite a handful of friends to sleep over. That’s functional, versatile design at its best. 


This is where it all happens in the Atacama Tent. The two opposing garage doors taper up from the bottom so you can ride any size full touring adventure bike with panniers straight through and park inside. If sleeping with your bike is not your thing stretch out and park chairs instead for coffee or meals. This vestibule is huge. One thing you'll have in common with other Atacama owners, you never knew how much you wanted to stand up inside a tent until you could. Consider yourself warned, your friends will all want to hang out here.

Huge Vestibule in Redverz Atacama for Full Size adventure bike


Let’s get all geeky for a moment.  When a storm comes through and that deluge of rain hits rest easy, our tents are waterproof. To be more specific, at 4000mm hydrostatic head we set the gold standard. If your tent specs have less than 3000mm on the outer fly, it’s not expedition quality and barely useful for half hour of light drizzle. Read some of our testimonials to understand why we take this so seriously.


Good poles are the difference between a round-the-world trip and a failed weekend music festival. We source and build the finest aircraft grade aluminum poles available.  We have pre-bends in ours, so finely designed they have already been contoured to reduce the stress on them. Whatever your trip brings these are designed to bring you home. 


ATACAMA ACCESSORIES - Complete your Atacama set up with custom fit groundsheets for the sleep area and garage or a 50 liter dry bag to stow it all away.  

garage-groundsheet sleep-groundsheetredverz-50l-drybag


Specifications Description
Seasons 3 Season
Sleeping Capacity 3
Average Weight 14 lbs
Maximum width 102 in
Maximum length 195 in
Sleeping Bay 92 in x 95 in (max)
Garage Vestibule 100 in x 36 in
Peak height 77 in
Floor fabric Polyester 70D 190T 10000mm
Rainfly fabric Coated ripstop Polyester 68D 210T 4000mm
Inner Tent fabric 75D 190T/P  breathable
Mosquito Netting Mesh B3
Pole material Aluminum 7001 T6, shock cord
Pole diameter 11mm (2) 9.5mm (1) Section Length 20.5"
Pack Size 10 x 21 in


 Redverz Atacama Walk Through Video

  • Flexible hoop design performs well in high winds
  • The design of the frame creates nearly vertical inner tent walls resulting in a spacious garage with area-wide headroom, tall enough to stand up inside the tent
  • 2 distinct, purpose-fitted ground sheets are available for either the garage or sleeping area, or both 
  • Motorcycle bay accommodates a full size adventure tourer with panniers, Harley Ultra Classic and countless additional bikes
  • Flow-through venting circulates air from one end of the tent to the other, ideal in hot climates
  • Rectangular floor plan optimizes usable space and ample sleeping bay accommodates 3 campers with the ability to sleep cross-wise or lengthwise and utilize cots for 2. 
  • Two convenient J-Doors and large, mesh door vestibule offer easy, sheltered access into and out of the tent 
  • Hybrid floor combines fully, factory-sealed seams and bathtub curves to create a tough waterproof finish
  • Unsurpassed comfort, storage and security are afforded by our spacious sleeping bay, large vestibule and versatile motorcycle bay 


  • Superior quality anodized tent poles
  • Tent comes complete with guy lines and tighteners with stow bags, stakes, stake bag, poles, pole bag and an easy-to-use compression stuff sack.  Waterproof Redverz Gear dry bags and ground cloths are sold separately 
  • Multiple storage options include inner pockets and hang loops

Pack Size & Weight


REDVERZ GEAR warranties the materials and workmanship in every REDVERZ GEAR tent to the original owner. If your REDVERZ GEAR tent has received proper care, but fails due to a defect in manufacturing, the parts will be replaced at REDVERZ GEAR'S discretion. Damages incurred due to accident, improper care or negligence where REDVERZ GEAR is not at fault, including sun degradation, mildew, wear and tear due to hard use are not eligible for warranty replacement. REDVERZ GEAR offers a 2 year, limited warranty to the original owner on all REDVERZ GEAR tent framework. This warranty applies only to the original purchaser. Proof of purchase is required.

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  • 5
    Phenomenal design - almost perfection and super support

    Posted by Aditya on 1st Jul 2024

    Design is similar to hilleberg , I would venture to say there is not a better design for two adults that is comfortable. The level of detail in the design of the ten is clearly obvious. On top of it, the company takes pride in thier product. From how the guy lines are setup and how many are there, to the garage size , ground Matt’s setup , space in bed room, it’s all perfect. I upgraded a few items on my ten my, it’s going to an expedition in bush Alaska with high winds. 9 inch Easton stake, syclone max poles from tentpoletech, alligator guy lines. For day to day use, this is not needed as the supplied poles are prebent 7001 aluminum and have proven over time. For my needs, the upgrade offers piece of mind. Only request for the next version of the tent I have is to upgrade to ykk zippers.

  • 5

    Posted by Eric Sweet on 14th Sep 2023

    Purchased to use on basecamp style ADV trips, took it out on a solo camping ride and haven't touched my other beloved tent (Eureka K2 XT) since. The Atacama has been through extreme wind and rain and stood up well. The storm was enough to 'flatten' the staked tent under extreme gusts and the tent popped right back (eventually I had to use long cord tied to trees to prevent the pegs from wriggling loose). I am a big guy at 6'4" tall and it's fantastic to not start my day crawling on my hands and knees. I have almost zero complaints. I've used it for two years now and the only thing that I would like to see are a few loops sewn into ceiling seams to allow for hanging of a headlamp, gloves, light jacket, that sort of thing. Maybe one center loop for a lamp and four corner loops to install a mesh 'attic' and/or use for other items. Never had rain get in anywhere, I always crack end windows leaving screen exposed to let airflow pass thru overnight. This prevents any real condensation. The space between the inner tent and fly also do a great job of that. Smaller tents take less ambient body and time heat to warm up the interior, I have noticed the Atacama really doesn't warm up dramatically while I am in there at 4C, not a terrible issue and if you're inside during the heat it's a blessing. After a couple 'erections' (composure folks!) the tent is easily unpacked and repacked. Butt end into the wind is the key - watch the videos. I will stake down the ground sheet first as the tent bottom can be clipped to that to keep it from lifting under high winds when you're trying to erect it. Everything added comes at a cost and weight but the hook loops would add immense functionality. Love this tent, it's big but it's glamping heaven to camp with. I would buy an attic if it were an option. Not sure how it could be facilitated but it would be clever to be able to lift sides of entire fly up and away from tent to let it dry faster while breaking down camp.

  • 5

    Posted by Steve Ketring on 7th Nov 2022

    Everything was perfect

  • 5
    Extreme tested

    Posted by Carl on 2nd Aug 2022

    Spent 2 days in intense mountain weather lightning storms hail and high winds this tent stayed put and kept me dry.

  • 5
    Redverz Atacama

    Posted by Nathan Roller on 24th May 2022

    The standard shipping was quicker than expected! The quality of tent is awesome! First tent that I wasn’t damp when I woke up. Set up was pretty easy. It was extremely windy and I considered using the out rigger lines, but didn’t. I thought there was a few times it was going to end up floating down the Missouri River. It stayed put! I didn’t get a chance to use the awning kit because of how windy it was. I did use both ground sheets. I even left them on on pack up as they clip into the tent. I watched a short YouTube video on pack up and it went real well. Fit back into stuff sack! I plan on using it all summer and fall. It was a bit costly, but so far seems worth it!

  • 5
    Great tent for solo travel!

    Posted by Les on 5th Oct 2021

    This is a great tent for solo camping - e.g., bike rallies and road trips. Don't even notice the weight when strapped across the pillion seat. Takes only 5-10 minutes for one person to set it up, depending on how many tent ropes you decide to use (I only use all the ropes when it is windy). I am 6' 2" and can stand inside the garage without any problem. I don't use the garage for the bike (I just park the bike outside at night with a half-cover). Instead, the garage serves as a fantastic covered patio...nice not having to enter the sleeping tent from the outside. Plus, there is so much more room in the sleeping area because you can store side cases and other gear in garage. In fact, I even McGiver''d a coat/helmet hanger for the garage using an old camera tripod...packs easily and legs pull out high enough to keep jacket and helmet off the ground. I recommend getting the awning kit also...great place to sit/cook/hang out. I know the sleeping area is big enough to accommodate 2 or even 3 people but I bought it for solo travel specifically because I wanted the room. After any years crawling into tiny tents, this is true comfort. BTW - the quality of Redverz is superb. Everything is built to last many adventures.

  • 5
    Atacama Tent

    Posted by Joel Dazey on 9th Sep 2021

    Purchased this to encourage my wife to join me on longer moto trips. Not only that that work out wonderfully, but I'm using it on a regular basis when camping solo (it is a GREAT home base style setup). Feels high quality, all the zippers are super smooth, and I stayed 3 nights in wind and rain without a drop penetrating the outer shell. There's something weird (and wonderful) about waking up to your bike safely next door.

  • 5

    Posted by Brian Schlievert on 31st Jul 2021

    My wife and I just returned from our second trip with the Atacama. First trip was a one night stay so other than ease of set-up, tear down, there wasn’t much to report. This trip we spent 4 nights in it and we’re sold. We had rain on and off, including one 2 hour storm with heavy rainfall and some wind. We set up our chairs and table in the garage area, where all our riding gear was already stored, and had PLENTY of room. And we stayed bone dry. We tour and camp 2up on a single bike so weight is a constant concern. At 14lbs there’s really nothing else out there that I have found that affords us so much space and peace of mind in all weather. If I would ask for anything it would be more off ground storage and hooks to suspend lights and what not. A minimal concern though, as we are very happy with this tent. Also, at 50+ years old, sleeping comfort is important and we should be able to fit a queen size air mattress in the sleeping area. Our ultralight sleep pads didn’t do the job…Great gear, I’d recommend it to anyone

  • 5
    Great Tent

    Posted by Gerryd on 19th Jul 2021

    I reviewed and did researched online about the Atacama Tent in 2019. I looked at You Tube videos and finally purchased it 2021. My camping trips have been without my motorcycle for now and the weather completely sunny every trip. I set it up in my backyard after receipt and very happy so far with my purchase. The tent was very easy to setup. I found stacking the wind side down with two stacks and pulling the opposite end, was the easiest way to set it up. There was also a video online about this. Mainly camping in State parks and so far no issues. I camped with two Teton cots, Yeti cooler, a chair, two storage containers and aluminum table inside the tent. After two months of use though, no rain or heavy winds yet to further evaluate it, comments and suggestions: 1. The inner vestibule main zipper doors in the sleeping area sits a little to high off the ground. Tripped a few times entering and exiting from not raising my foot up high enough. Wider opening near the bottom would be nice. 2. There is a noticeable gap of space 4-6 inches average around the vestibula and the tent itself, especially the roof area. The bugs easily got between the vestibule and tent because of the gap. The tie downs stretch a lot and seems too tight attached to the tent as if the vestibule should be taller and wider. There were no attachment loops in the center, just the outside. Had no problems though and very happy of the enclosure because it kept the mosquitos out when inside 3. The two garage door entrances are nice and although I also purchased the awning kit, had no use for it yet. Great if there was bug zipper screens on the doors would be a nice modification. Currently rolled up was fine but you couldn't keep all the bugs out. The tent gets hot in the sun with the doors down and it's nice if you could sit down in the garage area bug proofed by two additional zipper screen doors. 4. Both ground sheets are a plus and keep everything inside completely dry. I removed both sheets after tear downs to dry our the bottom of the sheets before packing, great groundsheets. Packing the tent also with groundsheets attached was also no problem but only when completely dry. 5. I own a Ducati Multistrada 1200S and although I haven't placed it inside the garage, know it would fit but area tight. 5. Single person in the tent with two full size dogs great. Perfect for one or two people is fine with this tent. 6. On average, about 75% of The bottom edges of the tent around sit higher off the ground. This was noticeable for the garage area. The outside center of the sleeping area has an elastic tie down strap for a tent stack but still kept the edges high off the ground. In general very happy so far with this tent and excited to have it when camping using my truck. Single motorcycle rider now but looking forward when I camp using my motorcycle. This review is after three months of use. I hope continued use and exposure to more what mother nature decides will further determine its quality and built but so far a very happy customer.

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