What our Customers/Friends Say 

"Your YouTube videos were a driving force for me buying that tent, and everything you said was true. That trip, had hot days and very cool, high-wind nights, wind and clay from the dry bed, sand-blasting and pulling at all my tie-lines... (I did buy four, a bit longer, [twisted] stakes (REI i think), because i knew i'd be in ...just clay, not firm dirt) and tho the wind howled and threatened, the tent held firm, myself and I all my gear were protected inside. It is truly amazing, and tho you hear folks talk about how light they like to travel, I am one of those people (like you i image) that are willing to trade a bit of room, for the comfort (LUXURY! ;-) i have with your tent. So thank you for all your hard work." Jim Johnson
I spent 8 days at sturgis 75th anniversary this year, the tent withstood half dollar sized hail, rain, wind of 65 mph gust, and protected me and my streetglide with no problems. Its the ULTIMATE TENT TO HAVE as far as im concerned. Not to mention the many people at the campground that liked it, took pictures, and asked many questions about it. Im sure you may see some buisness headed your way soon. Thanks!
"100+ nights in this tent since May, 2014 never a problem, great product!" Tony DeSimone
tony-desimon 100 Plus days in a redverz tent so far
"Just finished a 4,000 mile trip through the SE United States. I took your gear for this trip and had almost forgotten how much I enjoy it, and so stunningly comfortable. No doubt about it, the Redverz is going to Alaska this summer. Thank you for your work and for putting out a great product." Blessings, Rev. Randy 
Atacama motorcycle tent to Alaska

"Really appreciated that I could pack all my gear standing up inside the tent while it was raining outside. Great product and should have purchased years ago."! Cheers, Tom Schleff

"I purchased 2 of the Series II tents in August. We also ordered a couple of the dry bags, and want to point out that I could fit the Series II tent with poles and stakes, my sleeping bag, sleeping mat, and a small foldable chair in the same Redverz dry bag! Made organizing super easy!"  

"We live in Northeastern Wyoming and headed out over the Big Horns and thru Yellowstone Park, ending our first day in Great Falls, MT.  We were on our way through the mountains of Montana, Idaho, and Washington to hit Port Angeles, WA to ride Highway 101 down to California and back across the lower side of Oregon.  We rode through plenty of rain, cold weather, rain, hot weather, rain, and even smoke (from a forest fire in Cali).  All of our gear stayed dry and contaminate free thanks to the dry bags.  We were able to find a camp spot every night except one.  Tent set up was quick and easy – granted I practiced several times before we departed – and packing up camp was quick as well.  The tent worked out well on the rainy nights, it’s a lot nicer than one might think being able to have a ‘garage’ to pull your bike into! I ride a 1200GSA with side and top panniers, zipping the flaps shut was a little tight in a couple spots but the bike fit just fine.  It also worked well on the warm nights being able to open the vents.  I received quite a lot of compliments on the tent and how unique it was and as well as how small it packed for as big as it looked.  I even gave out the website address to a couple of people along the way who wanted to buy one, so hopefully they do or already have!  I’m glad I bought this tent and can’t believe I waited for so long to get one! thanks for a great product and I will continue to brag about it!  It will definitely be a vital piece on any of my future endeavors" ..Ronnie Saxton

"I recently purchase Redverz Gear  Series II Expedition Tent and I absolutely LOVE IT!"
"Wanted to see if my bike, an HD Ultra Classic and an N-Line trailer would fit and be able to close the tent.  I figured out the right approach angle and it all worked out!" Bruce 

 "My husband and I purchased a Redverz tent shortly after we had decided to become adventure riders on a full time basis.That was 2 years ago we have taken our tent through Wa, Ca, Nv, Az, and Baja with absolutely no problems. In fact In Baja we came across 65 MPH wind and it was nothing for the almighty Redverz tent. We just love the durability and space it has provided us with over the last 2 years. We are proud to call our Redverz tent our new home..  Thank you AGAIN for making such an AMAZING product!" Melodi and Richard

My first time camping in my new Redverz tent at Ironhorse Lodge. It rained almost 2 inches the first night. I stayed dry. I LOVE the tent.
Evan Queen


"I spent 53 days from AZ.Grand Canyon to Alaska Arctic Ocean last year, living EVERY day in the tent. Almost entirely moving every day, so a LOT of take up and take down activity as I traveled on my BMW GSA’07 model year. I was solo. Never once did the tent give me grief of any kind. All weather types experienced and even Grizzlies sharing my space within 100 feet! Some very close encounters. Salmon season run was in full swing so the Grizzlies had food a plenty as long as I did not get stupid with my cleanliness around my site. My favorite camps were the ones in forest or protected areas with no winds, where the tent is so easy to set up, take down with no guy ropes needed for support. The windy open areas of course required more work with guy ropes, but still no issues. Stayed dry in BAD weather. I don't recommend setting up with Polar Bears in the region!!! All arctic locals say the white bears are VERY inquisitive and WILL come visit you, no matter what. I took their advice. The one night I stayed indoors. It was nice having the space to store my gear inside, out of weather with no worries. I met other riders all along the way, camped together and could have RENTED space in my garage and frequently loaned out my free space inside the front porch(vestibule) for their gear. I think it sold some tents for ya. This tent speaks volumes, all on its own. Many comments throughout my travels from other bikers to RVers. Glad I have it. My family takes notice too, want more of these soon. Happy Trails to ya and I go again this year to Arctic Ocean, INUVIK, NWT Canada. Redverz Tent will be on my backseat of GSA, used a LOT. I may wear this thing out, but its showing no wear as yet." Randy


"I received the tent and awning in great shape and recently packed it on the back of my Triumph Thunderbird for a 2,225 mile trip around Lake Huron and Lake Superior. The tent was very easy to set up and take down and was able to accommodate the bike complete with a huge bike pack on the back. It came in handy on the third night when I was sheltering in the tent near Two Harbors, MN in an all-night downpour, high winds and thunder storm. I slept like baby, high and dry and so was the bike. I was able to pack up in the “garage” and as soon as the weather broke, packed up the tent and completed the seven day trip. Thanks for a great product." Ken


"I just returned a week ago from the international Vstrom meeting. The tent was a brilliant success. Everyone stood in amazement to watch how the Vstrom was ridden out of the tent every morning. Lots of questions too. Many of the people we worried about the weight of the tent until they realized that the series II exposition tent was only 1 - 1.5kg heavier than their own tent. And for that extra weight you got standing room and a garage and you didn't have to crawl through the wet grass to get outside." Leo Hoogendijk - Holland


"Redverz, once again I can only give your tent accolades. Last night we spent a glorious evening 30 miles North of Steamboats Springs in the Elk River Valley remote camping. After 2 months solid in CA, OR, NV, AZ, UT and now CO I am impressed still with the function and quality of your gear. Thanks!!" Tad Haas www.overlandnow.com


"My riding buddies are jealous! While they are cramped up in their micro backpacking tents, fighting off the crawly critters that moved into their gear overnight and scrunched up like a poorly packaged sardine when forced to sit out the rain, I'm comfortable in my "Harley Hacienda" sipping coffee and reading a book!" Ken Kingman Arizona '09 Electra Glide

"Kevin.....well the trip to Alaska is already history, amazing place....wide open spaces, laid back folks and lots of daylight. We had a great time and the tent worked flawlessly, had four of us in the garage one evening eating ramen and sitting out the rain.  I was the envy of the other three guys with my Rog- Mahal as they called it!!  Thanks again for your great customer service, it certainly reduced my stress level prior to leaving!!" Roger Woodward
"You're a credit to your company ... there are few (though I've had the sheer pleasure of dealing with some of those few) companies on or off the internet which care enough about their customers to intervene in their behalf. Please feel free to share this correspondence with anyone who might need a heads up. I certainly do intend to use your tent if it arrives in time, though to call it just a tent is a bit of a slur ... I have done more than a few tents in my time ... this thing promises to be something akin to a B&B sans the hosts ... and with garaging to boot." David Hart, MA

"People would "sneak" up to the tents to get a peek inside while their residents were in the beer tent. peter and I snuck up to one of the tents with two virtual strangers to get a peek. We now MUST have one. I'm sick and tired of dressing horizontally, not to mention sleeping with my dirty clothes right there, adding to the camping experience. We're getting one!" Janis

"What a surprise! A manufacturer updating a purchase at no charge! Refreshing and many thanks! Thanks again!"  Jack Robertson OH