Hawk II Mountaineering Tent Footprint


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Hawk II Mountaineering Tent Footprint

The Hawk II footprint is custom-cut and hooks directly beneath the tent to protect the sleeping area floor from abrasion and damage in rough terrains.  The custom fit of this footprint effectively avoids water collecting between the tent floor and the foot print during rainy conditions and extends the entire length of the tent to cover ground area beneath both vestibules.  

Footprints, also referred to as ground cloths, extend the life of your tent floor and protect against damaging abrasion.  We recommend using a custom-cut footprint designed specifically for the floor plan of your tent.  Upon take down, use your footprint as a clean surface to fold and roll up the tent


Our advice:

  •  If you decide against purchasing the Hawk II footprint and only a nonspecific ground cloth that is not custom fitted is available, be sure to the footprint material does not extend beyond the tent's perimeter, as anything that does will catch water and collect it.
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