How To Repair a Self-Healing Zipper

How To Repair a Self-Healing Zipper

Posted by Christine Muggleton on 28th Dec 2021

Tent Zipper Jammed? 

Keep your cool and whatever you do don’t force it. That’s worth repeating again. Don’t force it. Fix it. 

Redverz uses self-healing zippers in all of their tent models. So while there are loads of possible reasons why a zip is not functioning properly, there is a remedy.

This video will take you through the steps of a fix on an Atacama Tent. Excuse the compulsory ad, it’s a YouTube thing. This fix applies to all Redverz Tent zippers.

Watch the video here

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

Tips To Clean and Maintain Zippers

Never use a wet lubricant such as olive oil, animal fat, or WD-40 on your zipper. It will attract dirt and cause problems.

Sand wreaks havoc on zippers. Knowing this means you can address the issue with proper cleaning and maintenance. Sand and other tiny debris tend to get trapped between zipper teeth. This keeps them from coming together completely resulting in separation under even moderate tension. Regular cleaning can optimize performance.

For cleaning you can stick to the basics like soap, water and a toothbrush or get fancy with a product like Gear Aid Zipper Cleaner and Lubricant. The benefit of using a zipper specific lubricant is that it adds a protective finish to the coil that resists debris.

Always follow the directions. We’ve also had success cleaning zips with compressed air, be certain it is only moderate pressure, think what you would use on a delicate computer key board, not the garage compressor.

Sticky zip? Running a graphite pencil along the area may improve function.

Missing teeth? Sorry to report, there is no fix and the cause was likely excessive force applied to the problem, which brings us back to our original point. 

No amount of extra muscle applied to a stuck zipper has worked to anyone’s benefit. It is a delicate operation, treat it that way.