Camp Gear 101 Top 10 Essentials For Motorcycle Camping

Camp Gear 101 Top 10 Essentials For Motorcycle Camping

Packing for a bike trip isn’t rocket science, but it does need a little finesse. The longer you are on the road, the quicker you’ll shed the excess. What have we missed?

1. Tent It’s well-known that at Redverz we go for comfort. Period. On certain single-track rides we’ll pare back to an emergency blanket in your jacket. Adventure riding? Touring? Multi-day rally? Comfort is king. The Solo Expedition Tent for one, or The Atacama for up to three campers.
redverz gear Atacama Expedition tent for 3

2.Sleeping Bag You generally get what you pay for in a bag. We prefer down to synthetic due to packability. Goose down with a minimum loft rating of 750. Pack a bag rated 10 degrees colder than you expect. And unless you sleep at home with ankles wrapped like a mummy, go with a square foot.

3. Sleeping Pad A poor choice in sleeping pad is the #1 reason most travelers hate camping. These days insulated air pads are a quarter pack-size of self-inflating mats and just as warm. If you Side sleep, it needs to be at least 4″ deep. If you sleep on you back, choose wide enough so your elbows don’t fall off the pad. Our choice, the 30″ wide ,4.7” deep SynMat 12 LXW.

Exped Synmat12LXW
4. Pillow When was the last time you cuddled up to a cooking pan? Camp pillows work. Better yet bring a pillow case with you and supplement your camp pillow with your thermal vest/jacket.

5. Down Jacket. The temperature WILL drop somewhere along your trip. Besides, sitting around in leathers or with stiff back armor is no way to relax. 800 Down Fill . Add to pillow.

6. Seam Grip Expect the unexpected and it will never hijack your day. Seam Grip is multifunctional and fixes everything from tears to holes.

7. Light Headlamps are lightweight and hands-free, and a good flashlight is essential. Lanterns spread amazing camp-wide light, good for your mates, but remember extra batteries. Our choice? The Snowminer Lantern combines a headlamp and lantern.
Snow Peak Snowmaker Lantern

8. Chair No chair? Really? Think again. It’s a must. Backsides, young and old need somewhere comfy to sit. There are loads of options, shop around and test. Heavy but classy and comfortable, Kermit Chair

9. KFS Knife Fork Spoon
Knife? We keep it simple. A razor sharp blade from your preferred knife maker will function across the board from slicing flank steak to slicing open a freeze dried dinner. Spork! Really? Get a decent fork and spoon..

10. Cooker Whether going gourmet or wrestling with a simple cup of coffee we stick with butane. Around the world adventures excluded, because it can be difficult to source and refuel over lengthy journeys. Jetboils are hugely popular, we prefer the ceramic head MSR which doubles as a tent heater.

Oh, and a 50L dry bag to put the whole lot in too.. Redverz of course.