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Our Story

We've spent the best part of our lives out under the stars, at times in sweltering heat, other times freezing or fending off a torrential deluge. We know what it's like to travel. We've hitched, cycled and backpacked, but travel on a motorcycle is an experience unlike any other. We travel by motorbike because we want to really experience the world around us, but at times, for a brief respite, we want to shut the world out and pitch our own little paradise.

We've been the minimalist travelers who drape nothing more than a poncho over themselves at night, if this is still you, we take our hats off to you. After too many mosquito ridden nights, bouts of malaria and compromising with every kind of backpacking tent, we were ready to get what we really wanted. When we're out on the road for weeks or even months at a time we want our gear and bike securely out of sight, we want to stand up to change clothes, a space to work on the bike and a tent that's simple - slide three poles, and it's up. No tent out there offered these advantages, so we started Redverz Gear® and built our own.

Redverz Origin

Kevin Muggleton Founder Redverz Gear
Kevin Muggleton, Founder and President of Redverz Gear

Redverz Gear is a family owned and run business based in Denver, Colorado, founded by, Kevin Muggleton. Kevin is a London born, ex British Army, adventure traveler and photographer. He has spent 20 years traveling and riding around the world.

Kevin has crisscrossed the world on every form of transport imaginable: on foot, hitchhiking, boat, bus, train, plane and a 1986 Land Rover which he rebuilt by hand along the way. But without a doubt, his favorite mode of transportation is his motorcycle. Travel is in his blood. With a British Army Paratrooper for a father, Kevin never quite took root. “Home” was never really home for long and life was one big adventure.  With a short stint as an army officer under his own belt, Kevin ambled down a path that took him canoeing down the Amazon and kayaking grade 5 Zambezi River rapids while filming the ride.  Kevin drove the length of Africa, from London to Cape Town in search of the matriarch of the elusive Lovedu tribe and documented the event on film for National Geographic TV.  He and his motorcycle, affectionately called “The Pig,” have seen dirt track, pavement and terrain from the Arctic Circle to Tierra del Fuego and all places east, west and in between. IdeaMensch Interview

Our Products

Series II Expedition Tents

The industry original motorcycle camping tent.
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Redverz Drybags

When designing our waterproof dry bags and duffels, it was important for us to develope the toughest, lightest bags we could design. the bags also have to be discrete to use around the cities of the world.
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Andes - one month on the road
Truly knackered from riding across the Andes, I pitched the tent in a campsite on the outskirts of Salta, Argentina. This was one of the worst night's sleep of the trip. I heard constant rustling near my bike and was up every few minutes, peering out with my torch to see who was tampering with my bike.

Sahara Desert - three months on the road
We set off into the dunes from Nouadibou in Mauritania 99 years after the last 100 year storm. The dunes were soaked and the normally rock hard piste had broken down, instead of riding the piste at a causal 70 mph we were stuck in first and second spinning doughnuts and crashing left, right and center. The sludge was so deep the ground clearance was nonexistent. Catapulted over the handlebars after hitting a boulder under the piste, the sump plate had ripped clean of the bike. With blowing sand and wind I could have killed to have the bike in shelter to clean out the sand and reset the sump plate.

Patagonia - two months on the road
I pitched the tent and squeezed sopping boots, drenched jacket, dripping pants and bloated gloves into the cramped space. Virtually no drier or more comfortable than before, I realized this small tent set up was truly crap for adventure motorcycle travel.  Kevin Muggleton

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